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What men need to wear on a date

You only get one chance to make a great first impression. Unfortunately, so many men are clueless about what they should be wearing when they are out dating. If you get it wrong on a first date then you’re unlikely to ever get a second. Just because you feel comfortable in t-shirts and trainers doesn’t mean you should wear then when you meet someone.

Your clothes are the biggest indication of your social standing. If you dress like someone who is going places then it will be assumed that you are.

You must always make an effort, so here is my Dating Coach advice to get you turning heads:

Always Dress Up

Unless you are going for a special activity, it’s always better to dress up. It’s hard to overdress and even if you do you’ll stand out for the right reasons. You can never go wrong with a good suit, usually without a tie but if it’s just dinner or drinks I’d suggest you always have the following items in your wardrobe:

  • One or two well-fitting Suits

  • Black or Dark Blue Jacket

  • Smart jeans or trousers

  • A selection of plain shirts – mainly white

  • Black, polished shoes or boots

  • Black leather belt

That’s really all you need to get started so you don’t have to spend a fortune.

It goes without saying that your clothes should always be neatly ironed or pressed. Some stores sell non-iron shirts nowadays for when you just don’t have a lot of time to get ready.

Personal Grooming is Essential

Looking good isn’t just about what you are wearing. You should have a shower or bath before a date and have a good shave. Pay attention to your hair so it’s neatly styled and don’t forget to moisture to keep your skin in tip top condition. Women can take hours to prepare for a date so are lucky you can get ready much quicker!

Your smell is just as important too so this has to be clean and fresh. Buy a popular cologne or after shave but don’t put too much on. They have a stronger scent that you realise and a little goes a long way.

Get a Free Personal Shopper

Personal shoppers are trained professionals who can help you make the right clothes choices. The good news is that you don’t need to pay out lots of money to hire one. Most of the larger high street clothes stores offer this service completely free of charge. You are under no obligation to buy anything but the advice they can provide could prove invaluable.

Of why not take a friend of the opposite sex clothes shopping with you? They will know exactly what looks good and what they find attractive.


Many women will look at your shoes before they notice anything else. That’s because it’s something they enjoy buying themselves and the easier way they see if you are worth dating.

They will use your shoes to make a quick judgement not only your fashion sense, but on your financial status, personality and hygiene too.

Bad shoes are an instant turn off so run out and get yourself a decent, smart pair now. Oh and

Accessorise ... men don’t have as many options here as women do so make them count. An interesting set of cufflinks can work wonders but there something you should make sure you always wear – a stylish watch. This is the perfect symbol of success and status and something many people will notice. If you currently wear digital one or something that looks like you won in a cracker – bin it and upgrade.

Watches serve as talking points or conversation starters which is exactly what you need to have a fantastic dating experience.

While these tips will be incredibly useful for you to help decide what to wear for a date, don’t leave it there. You should try and dress as well as possible each and every day. That’s because you never know who might meet!

James Preece is the UK’s leading Dating Coach. You can find out more about he can help you find love through his site -

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