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Easter Update from the INTRO Matchmaking Team

The INTRO matchmaking team are here to connect you to like-minded single people

Firstly, we hope that this message finds you safe and well in these challenging and uncertain times.  

We may be able to help in a small way. We understand that social distancing can be particularly challenging for people living alone.  We share our tips for dating and connecting during lockdown in our blog article.

COVID-19 may have forced most of the world into isolation but dating has taken an interesting turn. Self-isolation and social distancing increases the need for romantic connection and we can still have hope and romance thanks to virtual dating. Virtual dating means that single people can still build meaningful relationshipsand get to know each other in a safe space.

Meeting face-to-face by video has the added benefit of seeing how someone responds to what you’re saying with facial reactions and body language, which helps to make communication feel like a two-way street where you get back positive emotional connections.

The initial phase of dating is simply to get to know one another. We’re not talking about marriage but just whether you and the other person click. The strongest relationships are those where the partners are great friends. Make this your starting point. Don’t over-think it, could you see yourself being friends with this person?

Social distancing will end and when you do get to meet up in person and spend time together, the fun and connection you have built up during your virtual dating will make for an even stronger relationship.  There’s no reason why you can’t find a wonderful partner during this unprecedented time. Embrace your situation and make the most of it.

It goes without saying that our matchmaking team are here if you would simply like to have a chat.


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Keep safe and remember we're here if you fancy a chat. With best wishes and Happy Easter,

from the INTRO Matchmaking Team

Looking to meet like-minded, successful single people? Join INTRO the NW's Matchmaking and Personal Introductions Agency. INTRO delivers an honest, professional and confidential matchmaking service to single people in Manchester, Cheshire, the North West and London. We are always looking for new male and female members to join our list of successful singles, request a call back or send us a message so that we can discuss your prospective membership with you.

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