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We help find love!

Many people that I’ve helped to find love have shared with me that they’d found themselves in a place where all their friends are in relationships, that they were just not meeting like-minded people through online dating sites and were finding it really difficult to meet someone that they’d like to have a relationship with. I find that we mostly attract clients who are aged between 30 and 60, most of my clients are successful, capable and independent people with busy, fulfilled lives - they may have devoted recent years to their career with little time or opportunity to focus on their personal life. Others have found it really difficult to start again after a marriage or long-term relationship has ended and the world of dating can seem a daunting place. I enjoy making people feel relaxed, boosting their confidence and bringing out the best in them. I am genuinely interested to learn about their lives. Most people have too much to offer to be on their own and it is the most wonderful feeling to see the difference in someone when I’ve helped them to find love. Clearly for obvious reasons, I can’t tell you about specific people as confidentiality is key, but I’m so proud of the service we provide that I want to share some of the lovely comments with you. If you would like to find out more about how I may be able to help you on this journey to happiness, why not give me a call, we can have a chat, and perhaps meet up for a coffee, with no obligation, it would be lovely to meet you. 01625 909222.


Looking to meet like-minded, successful single people? Join INTRO the Professional Dating Agency in Cheshire

INTRO delivers an honest, professional and confidential matchmaking service to single people in Manchester, Cheshire, the North West and London.

We are always looking for new male and female members to join our list of successful singles, so request a call back or send us a message so that we can discuss your prospective membership with you.

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