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3 tips to help business travellers find romance.

business travellers can find it difficult to find love

Finding love can be difficult for business travellers because despite the hype over long distance romances, most singles prefer to date someone who lives in the same city. Spending more time away than at home significantly reduces their chances of organically meeting someone.

Most of our clients at INTRO lead busy work lives and are time-poor, one of the key reasons they choose to use a matchmaking service in the first place. One client said that a matchmaker is like having an administrative assistant for your love life.

These 3 tips can help frequent travellers to find love:

Tip #1: Instead of eating in your hotel room, dine in the restaurant which is likely to be filled with other single travellers, who may welcome conversation over a good meal.

Tip #2: Take a break from your phone or iPad, look around and you'll come across as far more approachable, and you never know what you might find.

Tip #3: Employ the services of a professional matchmaker who can personally introduce you to like-minded people in your area who might also be finding it a challenge to meet someone like-minded.

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