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So, who should choose where to go on a first date?

First dates are perhaps no longer as traditional as they once were, when typically the guy would ask the girl out and plan the first date which was most likely to be a dinner and an evening of dancing or perhaps a trip to the movies.

First dates now are as likely to range from bar crawling, sky diving, cycling, a cocktail masterclass but even if a first date is no longer traditional, who should come up with the idea of where to go?

“I want her to enjoy where we go, so she should choose”

A lot of men think women have better suggestions of date ideas, but in reality for a lot of women, a man asking them to choose can be a turn off as it might seem that he simply can’t be bothered, and a lot of single women spend their time making decisions and would just love a man to select a place and make the arrangements.

“I don’t want to choose somewhere too expensive, in case he wants to pay”

A lot of women panic when they’re asked to choose where to go on the first date. If he’s asked her out she feels it’s most likely that he’ll want to pay, meaning she wouldn’t want to select somewhere too expensive but it also should be somewhere fairly romantic with the right ambience suitable for a date.

Whoever does make the first date arrangements, be gracious and try to ensure you both have an enjoyable time.

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