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Case Study - Helen's experience of a matchmaking agency

Helen* contacted us after her 15 year marriage ended and although keen to be in a new relationship, she was finding it really difficult to meet the right sort of people. She was 42 and had 3 young children. Helen was financially independent and found that anyone she met online was either after a quick fling or seemed attracted by her wealth, or after some initial interest and communication just disappeared. She had met her husband at university so hadn’t been on the dating scene for years and ‘putting herself out there’ felt uncomfortable and terrifying to Helen. A friend read an article about personal introduction agencies and suggested that a more discreet and bespoke matchmaking service might be a good option, particularly one located in the North West so that she could be introduced to like-minded people in the area.

After an initial telephone conversation when we explained that most of our clients are professional people aged between 30 and late 60s and seeking a genuine relationship, we arranged to meet up at our offices in Wilmslow for a no-obligation chat. Helen was fairly nervous when she arrived, we understand that this isn’t necessarily an easy thing to do and that it can be emotional talking about one’s personal situation. We are not hard sell and it is important that we understand our clients and that they feel ready to start a new relationship. We have a team of experts available to our clients, including relationship coaches and image consultants who may help boost confidence. After a coffee and chat, Helen relaxed and decided she would like to join. Together we completed the application forms and confidentiality agreement and we then prepared a personal profile for Helen to approve.

Once Helen’s profile was ready, we met again to discuss a selection of carefully chosen profiles so that we could really understand what appealed to her. Together we identified one profile that seemed to me to be a particularly good match. Alastair* had been a client for 3 months and as matchmakers we felt fairly confident that they would be well-suited and would enjoy each other’s company. Helen wasn’t entirely convinced as Alastair wasn’t what she described as her ‘usual type’ but agreed that she would trust our expertise and give us permission to contact him on her behalf. Alastair and Helen met later that week after a brief telephone conversation, they really enjoyed each other’s company and have now been in a relationship for 11 months. They are looking forward to a holiday together next month in Austria and are planning a summer holiday with her children. Helen has since said that she would never have selected Alastair herself and she can’t believe how compatible and happy they are together and can’t see any reason for things to change.

Although this was Helen’s first introduction through INTRO, we are keen to manage clients’ expectations and explain that our approach isn’t intended as a quick fix but to match clients with potential life partners. It is just the most wonderful feeling to bring happiness and love into people’s lives.

*names have been changed to protect our clients’ confidentiality

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