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Places to go on a First Date

Hope you enjoyed my last guest blog for Intro NW - Online Dating & Introduction Agencies - What is the Difference and Why? Let Annabel know if you found it useful.

So, you have built enough rapport with them to establish that they like your banter, you are building up the courage to ask them out, you have even made the bold decision to ask them over the phone rather than a text or a private message over social media. What if they say yes... what if they say yes and immediately ask where or what are you doing?

You need to have a plan in place or a list of go-to list of places you could go and what you could do. All of this depends on the area you live in, your budget, the impression you want to give and more importantly if you want a second date soon afterwards.

Here are some suggestions and some we will look into more in-depth:

  • Visit a local brewery or vineyard on a tour

  • Mini-golf

  • Horseback riding – A hack

  • Feed the ducks and swans at the local loch or lake

  • Visit a local festival or gala day

  • A lunchtime visit to a tea room

  • Take a ferry ride

  • Visit an Aquarium

  • Tour a Botanical Garden

  • The Zoo

The list could go on and on, but this shortlist gives you the ideas of how you can share an experience with another and start that remarkable journey to get to know each other. What’s more important it’s not the typical “fancy going out for a drink sometime”. Let’s look at some of these ideas and talk about the benefits of each.

Visit a local brewery or vineyard on a tour

The biggest norm is going out for a drink which is fine, you get a chance to talk to each other, and you’re in a familiar place. You have a whole lot of other things to think about in this environment so let’s think outside the box for a first date. A tour of a brewery or vineyard is, in my opinion, an underrated first date venue. Here is why it’s an excellent choice for a first date. For starters it’s different, no one expects to be taken on a tour of a brewery or vineyard as a first date, so you already have plus points for being innovative.

The tours are time bound which is ideal for a first date; one, if it’s not working you know when it’s going end, and you can maintain your composure and manner until the end, then be graceful when you are thanking the other for a different kind of date. Two, if learning a little about the industry or at least the history of the company you are visiting then you don’t need to rely on your date to be the guide you can just enjoy their company and but grateful they tried something new. Equally so if you are not the most comfortable talker and this was your suggestion, you are being guided around the facility, and all you need to do is take an interested and enjoy yourself. These kinds of tours are supposed to be fun and informative and while the tour is over you usually get a chance to have “that drink” so all is well. It’s the most natural transition away from a drink down at the local.

Feed the ducks and swans at the most local loch or lake

Say you are both happy to talk and to listen to each other. That’s great! So, perhaps you try something different, say a lunchtime visit to the local loch or lake. This is very thoughtful, and it’s easy to pack a lunch with a few sandwiches, and some bottles of juice or sparkling water. You can enjoy the scenery and each others company. Obviously, you’ll need to check ahead that the weather is going to be okay because let’s be honest the British weather is not always that predictable. Say the forecast is nice though, you can indulge in the handcrafted snacks that you spent several hours trying to perfect, that’s probably just me. I just can’t decide if it should be one cut down the middle or squares, or long finger style cuts or criss-cross and what about the crusts!!! Do I keep them, do I cut them off? Do I maybe do half and half? Agghh!!! Phew, breathe Christopher, this isn’t about you.

If you are like me and sandwich making is too much of drama, ask someone to help who is a master sandwich maker. My local supermarket makes up great sandwiches; it is not against the rules to buy the sandwiches in so relieve yourself of the stress and take care of business. Just ask what their top two sandwich types are so you have options. While you are there, you probably should pick up some handy, tasty bites such as cupcakes or cake slices. If your date is a little reserved don’t go for the cakes that are filled with cream, so you are both guaranteed to avoid big caked up faces by the end of the day. Save that for the next date perhaps?

This would also be the case if you were to arrange a visit to a tea room for lunch. This is a great idea too; it is time-bound, it’s public but private enough as everyone minds their own business in a tea room.

Visit an Aquarium

I spoke to just over 100 people who were pleasantly surprised at this suggestion, and most of the people I talked to said that if they were taken to an aquarium on a first date that this would be very welcomed and a lot of fun too. Aquariums can be magical, exciting, informative and in many, you can even get hands-on with some of the beautiful creatures. There is usually cafes and sometimes even restaurants. If the date is going well grab a quick bite before heading off.

The Zoo

Much like the trip to the aquarium, the Zoo is an underrated visit first date venue. Typically there will be more walking at a Zoo so be prepared for that. Fish might not be your thing, but there are so many varieties of animals at the Zoo you can’t lose. Unless of course you just don’t like animals at all, then I suggest you take this up with this guy and come back to me.

Bottom line, there are so many untapped places to go on a first date. Don’t be scared to ask, don’t be afraid to make it a surprise, don’t rule them out.

It has been a pleasure all, thank you for taking the time to stop by. The next couple of blogs will be looking at Things to Avoid Saying and Doing on a First Date and A Second Date is a Good Idea Because…...

Cheers, Christopher McPhillips

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