Online Dating & Introduction Agencies - What is the Difference and Why?

Oxforddictionaries.com define online dating as “the practice of searching for a romantic or sexual partner on the Internet, typically via a dedicated website” ... Interesting choice of words for a definition; but best to lay out what we are going to explore. Compared to “A service that arranges introductions for people seeking romantic partners” again oxforddictionaries.com defining Introduction Agencies.

This is precisely what we are going to look at…

What is the difference between Online Dating and Introduction Agencies?

Depending on how you interpret the above you might decide that they are actually the same. Let us all figure this one out together and make sure we all understand where the differences are.

There are quite a few differences between online dating and introduction services… queue the bullet points:

Online Dating

  • Paid & Free.

  • Membership numbers – hundreds of thousands, likely millions UK wide.

  • Time-consuming.

  • Reasonably secure, you need to be vigilant though.

  • There is an element of risk involved regarding your identity and possibly your confidence.

  • The short success rate of finding the one, not impossible though.

Introduction Agencies

  • Premium rate, paid for service.

  • Membership numbers – thousands UK wide.

  • The small time investment required initially to build your profile.

  • Secure managed service.

  • The enhanced possibility of finding “the one”, often guarantees of introductions at a minimum.

So, as you can see, there is quite a difference and more importantly choice. Let me know which you prefer, and do you have any experiences you would like to share?

It is hard to believe that online dating has been around for quite some time. Should it be hard though? Between the mid-90’s and now, technology has developed at hyper speed. The way that we enjoy TV has developed and redeveloped, the way that we buy music has developed and redeveloped, even our cinema experiences have changed in the last 20 years. Why should it be so hard to believe that the dating scene has moved on too? I was guilty of this until I started to research and I guess most forget that online dating was a thing before the handiness of mobile apps.

One thing is for sure since the evolution of well built mobile apps - the exposure to online dating has become far most accessible to the casual user or technophobe. Over the last wee while I have been testing a few services out and I am coming to terms where this ‘swipe left swipe right’ culture has come from, and I see how the current online dating culture has influenced other industries. Business networking companies are jumping on this swipe left swipe right culture. In a way, I think that it is quite remarkable. It is remarkable because a culture that used to be so private and hush-hush is now in your face, ready to go and influencing other industries.

Personally, I am more old-school. Being 33 I cannot believe that I am saying this, but I am a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to finding love. The online dating apps were undoubtedly easy to use and made me quite decisive. I was slow at first because I spent more time reading and trying to understand a person’s profile, latterly though I was finding myself judging my decision on aesthetics alone.

It is 2017 though and I am happy to move with the times and that is where matchmaker services really come into their own. A service worth engaging in is worth paying for, right? One way or another we pay for people to find the best possible price on a service, ensure we get the best value for money or just take the time investment off our hands and let them get on with it so long as we benefit from the time spent on our behalf.

Intro NW specialise in personal introductions and one-to-one matchmaking. The service is personalised to help find life partners for their service users. If you understand what SAAS is, then you’ll appreciate MAAS, Matchmaking as a Service. Long story short, Intro NW help find someone that you have the right chemistry with, that you find attractive, and who have comparable principles, ambitions, and goals.

Unlike an online dating agency, they do not use computer algorithms to match people. The service is bespoke, 100% confidential, personal to you, and much to my preference they get to know all the people that join the agency. Can you name any other service provider that get to know every single client that signs up with them?

There is no swipe left or right culture at Intro NW (or any other similar company). Once you have signed up, you will not find client profiles to read or photographs to approve of (or not) online. Service users expect privacy as a priority and that is precisely what you get. Your interest in finding a partner is authentic, so they work with other clients to find you an authentic match.

So, what’s the deal? I fill out a questionnaire, it gets fed into a database, and I get matched up with dates? No, none of that sort at all. With Intro NW, you benefit from high-quality one-to-one attention with a certified matchmaker, giving you back your time to get on with your professional and personal life.