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10 First Date Questions

  1. What was the first album you bought?

  2. Tell me about your friends. Asking them something that’s not directly about themselves, might make them feel more comfortable.

  3. Invite 5 people – dead or alive – to a dinner party, who would they be and why? A great ice-breaker.

  4. What’s your favourite thing about your home town?

  5. What’s on your bucket list? Get a sneak peep into their dreams!

  6. What’s your favourite holiday? Are they a sun worshiper who loves lying on a beach or do they prefer an activity holiday?

  7. What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve spent money on?

  8. How do they like to spend their time when they’re not working? Great insight into whether they’re a couch potato or athletic and always on the go.

  9. Do you like animals? Could be a deal breaker!

  10. What’s your all time favourite book? Whether it’s chick lit, sci-fi or non-fiction, it should get the conversation flowing.

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