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The reassuring security of personal introductions

safe dating with personal introductions

Most of us know people who have met and matched successfully online. In the positive world of online dating services and apps, a genuine and sincere group of single people see the digital platform as an ideal way to meet new people and look for serious relationships.

However, as the scope of online and app-based dating has expanded, there’s also been a dramatic increase in the number of people who exploit the anonymity of the format to their own advantage. Misleading profiles, fake names, bogus photos and married ‘singles’ now often define the experience that many people are having online.

There have been several stories in the press recently that highlight the more extreme risks posed.

At INTRO we’ve found that an increasing number of the single people we speak with share these concerns about online dating and really value the fact that security and confidentially are at the heart of our matchmaking & personal introduction service.

We meet every client for a detailed interview before they join INTRO, this process includes ID checks, validation of key facts and a detailed discussion about their background. We're the 'go-between', so our client’s personal details aren’t passed on to any potential matches until both people agree. We stay in contact with both clients throughout the initial introduction process, making sure that we have detailed feedback at all times.

Not only does this make the whole dating process more secure, it also removes much of the uncertainty and nervousness from the process – making a successful match far more likely.

For those who are using online dating services, here are a few simple precautions to take:

  1. Set up a separate email account. This helps keep your online dating life separate from work or personal emails.

  2. Think ‘safety first’ – for a first date, choose a public place to meet, such as a park or busy café. Tell family or friends where you’re going and when the date is.

  3. Keep personal information private – don’t give your address, work place or other personal information to someone online.

  4. Listen to your instincts – generally speaking, if something ‘feels’ wrong, it probably is. If someone you meet online asks you for money then it’s time to log-off!

Meeting new people for dating and romance should be a fun, uplifting and life-affirming process, so take the time to think about what sort of dating, personal introduction and matchmaking service works best for you.

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