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5 Of the Best New Year’s Resolutions to Have in 2017

New Year’s resolutions are a chance to lay down goals for the coming year but, with such a high failure rate – 7 out of 10 resolutions don’t last longer than the first month - you can be forgiven for thinking that making resolutions are not worth the effort.

But there are some small changes and promises you can make in 2017 that will have a dramatic impact on your life in the coming year…

#1 Fewer pixels, more people

Browsing Facebook can ‘make us miserable’, or so headlines in national newspapers will have us believe. Maybe there is some truth in it. Rather than perusing profiles and reading status updates, why not meet up with friends and family? Enjoy more people time, and less pixel time on your phone or tablet.

#2 Forgive

Go on, admit it, there are a few skeletons in your closet that are festering away over something that happened weeks, months or even years ago. Make 2017 the year that you take on these tough issues and resolve them once and for all. By not letting go of these clouds, they are following you everywhere.

#3 New faces, new adventures

Having someone to share your life with is important and you may love all your family and friends, but is the coming year the time you find someone special FOR YOU? With a dating agency like INTRO you can find like-minded people in your area to enjoy new and fun times. You never know, thinking the very same thing right now could be that person who is your soon-to-be discovered soul mate.

#4 Help

We all have problems and issues, many of them ‘1st world problems’ like the dishwasher breaking down or dropping our phone in a puddle. There are people out there who really need help to move their lives on. If you do nothing else this coming year, volunteer a few hours of your time to help someone in need. Befriend your elderly neighbours and call by once a week, or get involved with a local charity.

#5 Promise to look after you

… and understand that this may include a cake with your lunch or a bar of chocolate occasionally. It may even lead to a glass of wine or a brisk walk around the park at lunchtime. In our hectic world, we don’t always make time for the most important person in our lives: us and this should certainly be a consideration you make this new year.

Happy New Year From INTRO!

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