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Waters Corporation signs up with INTRO

The Waters Corporation have become one of the first companies in the area offering employees access to INTRO.

Waters are our next-door neighbours - their fantastic office is just across the road from The Colony HQ in Wilmslow, where INTRO is based.

Many forward-looking companies are recognising the advantages of a personal introduction and matching service as an ‘employee benefit’. After all, many employers encourage and support gym membership to promote health, why not help single employees who are looking for a relationship to access an introduction service to promote personal well-being and happiness?

It’s a great example of a win/win. The employee in a relationship is happier, more positive and so more productive at work. The employer (who has helped to facilitate the introduction) benefits from all the positive impacts of increased employee happiness.

Of course, any employee that joins INTRO deals directly with us in the strictest confidence.

We're looking forward to working with some of the Waters team and helping them find 'the one'.

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