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- INTRO NW Founder

Would you say you have the winning formula? Is there a success rate?

The matchmaking formula is tried and tested – over centuries in fact. The principle of matching two compatible people using experience and understanding is tremendously effective. At INTRO, we’ve taken this formula and modernised it for the 21st century – to fit with a much more diverse and dynamic community. Success rate? Well we never give up! As far as I’m concerned, an INTRO client is an INTRO client until they’ve met their match!

You must have some great love stories you can share from your clients?

Well, confidentiality is key for us! But yes, I’ve seen some great relationships formed and enduring over time. The best stories are the simple ones and keeping in touch with people as they grow closer together and share their lives is hugely rewarding.

Thank you again, it wasn't an easy thing for me to do but you helped make it easier for me from the moment you picked up the phone.

Fiona, INTRO client in Hale

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