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Dating Advice for Entrepreneurs

You have business plans for your company - you don’t just leave things to chance, and it’s just as important to have plans for your personal life.

There’s more to life than just work but when you spend most of your time running a business, it can be a real challenge to meet a partner. So, how should a professional single person go about dating?

INTRO NW offers an exclusive matchmaking service to professional singles in Manchester, Cheshire and across the North West. Here they share their dating advice for busy entrepreneurs.

Just as you would as a business leader, be the best version of yourself and you will attract quality single people in return. If you spend all your time working, your chances of meeting someone are limited. You have business plans for your company, you don’t just leave things to chance, and it’s just as important to have plans for your personal life.

It’s understandable that you value your confidentiality and might not want your photo shared for all to see on a dating app and you possibly don’t have time to waste on endless text conversations with someone you’ve never met. A confidential matchmaking service might be more suitable for your busy lifestyle, where professional matchmakers work on your behalf to help you find your perfect partner. Similar to a professional headhunting service for recruitment, but for your personal life.

A relationship agency for professionals will offer constructive support and ensure you have the right mindset for dating. A matchmaker will help build your confidence and ensure that you are prepared for successful dating. They will understand what you are looking for in a partner beyond just superficial preferences. By focusing on looks, height and hair colour, you may well be missing out on a perfect match and remember these superficial things don't contribute to a meaningful relationship, it’s shared values that really count. It really helps to be flexible and to have an open-minded approach to dating.

Your professional matchmaker will work with you to offer you a personal and discreet dating service, sourcing compatible matches, saving you valuable time to focus on your business but at the same time ensuring that dating isn’t put on the backburner, again.


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Looking to meet like-minded, successful single people? Join INTRO the NW's Matchmaking and Personal Introductions Agency. INTRO delivers an honest, professional and confidential matchmaking service to single people in Manchester, Cheshire, the North West and London. We are always looking for new male and female members to join our list of successful singles, request a call back or send us a message so that we can discuss your prospective membership with you.

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