7 Clear Signs That Will Tell You If He Is Into You, Or Not

A few of the most asked questions I get from women who have met someone new and just started out dating are: How can I tell if he’s into me or not? Can I trust him? Is he a player keeping me dangling on a string? Is he seeing other women?

Finding love can be difficult these days but it doesn’t have to be once you know how to spot the signs early on, discovering quickly whether he’s really into you or not. But how do you know what the signs to look out for are?

You see, I see so many single women feeling confused & frustrated, endlessly talking about their relationship dramas with their girlfriends, analysing every single minute detail because of the constant swirling in their head that’s asking: Does he love me or not?

As a result, they’re more likely to be watching his every move and paying attention to his every gesture because they want to see ‘proof’ of his love. The problem with this, however, is that it sometimes can leave you feeling paranoid, insecure and suffering from bouts of intense anxiety which sadly, as a consequence, will undermine the success and happiness of the relationship – and may even trigger him to pull away from you.

That’s why I’ve written this blog, because I want you to avoid all of that heartache that these women have gone through, so I’m sharing with you the signs to look out for to discover whether he is really into you or not.

So, if you want to feel secure in your choices, and know that you’re making the right decision in being with the guy you’re thinking of right now, then below are some signs for you to pay closer attention to, because if you really want to know how deeply he is ‘into’ you, then you need to have a clear strategy of signs to look out for, so that you can make a more informed clear-headed decision instead of decisions being based entirely on emotions or suspicions alone.

Ladies, overall, if you want more of a clear sign to know whether or not a guy is really into you, then you’ll know by the level of investment he is making to be with you.

Let me break it down for you so that you know what these seven clear signs are.

Sign #1: How often is he spending time with you? And has there been an increase in him wanting to spend time with you?

When a guy is getting more and more into you, he will want to see you more often OR at least, he will most certainly be touching base with you at those times that you’re apart, because he will want to let you know that you’re someone special to him. This will happen organically and naturally when he’s feeling a strong emotional pull towards you because when he feels that way, he will naturally feel compelled to remain in close connection with you.

Sign #2: How consistent is he in connecting with you? Is it random and sporadic so you don’t know when you’ll be seeing him from one moment to the next?

When he is feeling an attraction towards you, what you’ll see is more consistency in his contact with you. If you find yourself waiting around a lot, unsure if or when you’re going to hear from him, then that’s not a good sign at all.

Furthermore, if in the initial stages of your relationship he was in regular contact with you – (fairly consistently), but then you start to notice it becoming less frequent the longer you two were together, then that definitely isn’t a good sign, and would suggest that he’s pulling away from you and not that into you anymore.

So, does he keep in regular consistent contact with you?

Touching base with you in between the times you don’t see each other is a great sign of a guy who is thinking about you. And the more he is thinking about you, then the more likely he is into you and no other woman because he can’t get you out of his mind.

Sign #3: Does he call you ‘last minute’ to hook up & hang out that often involves sex or may even be just you two talking intimately together!

Listen, this doesn’t always have to mean that he contacts you late at night. This scenario is equally as relevant in the day time as it is in the night time! So, does he contact you last minute – asking you if you’re free to hang out or call you randomly, wanting to talk with you about HIS problems – using you as his ‘fake girlfriend’, even possibly asking you relationship advice?! I’ve seen this happen many, many times before, - that you feel good with him, you talk for hours about anything and everything - but then you end up getting hurt because you’ve become emotionally invested in him, just when he’s got what he needed and has moved on.

Hey, he might even be offering you a great time out somewhere, where you’ll get the chance of getting all dolled up and made to feel special BUT then suddenly gets busy doing other things. If this is becoming a pattern - then this would suggest that he isn’t that into you, but had some spare tickets or free time on his hands. Perhaps other plans fell through. Perhaps one of his other girls cancelled on him, and then he thought of who else was on his list.

You see, I’ve seen this happen before with one of my clients. There was a guy she REALLY liked, and after being inconsistent with his contact with her, he called her up on a Friday, and asked her if she fancied a last minute weekend trip to London, all expenses paid – first class train ticket, 5* hotel, dinner, separate rooms – to see Cirque de Soleil. She said yes of course and was ecstatically happy.

However, that happiness didn’t last for long, when he told her, at the expensive hotel, after eating a wonderful meal, that his favourite girl couldn’t go with him, so he rang round to see who else was free to go instead.

Sign #4: Does he often get busy with friends or work when you want to see him?

Have you noticed that he seems to be up for all sorts of plans BUT when you actually come to make those plans, he then gets busy and always has something else going on that he can’t get out of? OR he will commit to those plans, yet on the night before or even on the day of the date, he cancels on you and tells you that something really important has “just come up”? He might even tell you this dramatic story of someone being ill, or gotten hurt, that the cat or dog is sick and he has to take care of it - telling you something that would make it impossible for you to get angry or upset at him for?

Of course terrible things happen to people all the time. So I don’t want you to become paranoid. However, I do want you to be mindful of how often something else crops up and how frequently he does this to you, especially when you take into account the other signs as mentioned above and below.

Sign # 5: Has he introduced you to his friends?