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Going solo to a New Year's Eve party

If you are worried about going solo to a New Year's Eve party, or even considering not going at all, follow our tips and we think you'll end up having a great time and you never know who you might meet there.

We understand that not everyone finds it easy going to a party without a date or partner (particularly if you have recently become single), but there is nothing better for the soul than spending time with good friends.

  1. Wear something you feel great in.

  2. The chances are at a NYE party you will know people there, so look out for a familiar face when you arrive, or arrange to go with a friend.

  3. Head to the bar and get yourself a drink as you'll feel more comfortable with a glass in your hand.

  4. Avoid hiding behind your mobile or checking your watch.

  5. Smile - this works well in two ways, it will make you feel and look better and also makes you more approachable.

  6. Introduce yourself to another guest, paying a compliment to start a conversation is usually a good icebreaker. If it feels difficult to break into a group, find someone else who is on their own.

  7. Let them know that you are on your own and the chances are they'll introduce you to their group of friends or if they're also single, you can chat to each other.

  8. If you're feeling brave, introduce yourself to the loudest person in the room - they'll do the rest for you!

Remember, parties are supposed to be fun. The chances are you'll end up having a much better time than if you hadn't gone at all.

Here's to a successful and happy 2018!

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