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Suddenly Single

Denise Chilton is an executive life coach, speaker and author who, for the last eight years, has been working with women looking to make some sort of change in their lives. Her clients are ordinary women who are doing great things in their careers and businesses and they come from across the UK and beyond.

In March 2017 she published a book, Suddenly Single, to help women move on after an intimate and committed relationship ends abruptly. Below she tells INTRO NW why she chose to write a book about how women can put the pieces of their lives back together and create a new life for themselves after love did not work out the way that they hoped it would …

A few words from Denise Chilton, author of Suddenly Single

Suddenly Single is a book written for women like me; women who have been in a significant relationship, marriage or partnership. They thought it was going to be for “forever” but then it suddenly and perhaps unexpectedly ended.

You find yourself go from being “an other half” to being a “one” in a world where everything seems to have changed. Friends you had as a couple disappear. You are weary of putting on a mask and telling everyone that you are “fine” – when in reality, you are anything but.

Suddenly Single shares the real-life stories of brave women who have gone through the breakup journey, including my own story. It follows them through those early days after the breakup, right up until they have made it through to feel good about themselves again.

I wrote the book because I noticed patterns and common “stuck” points for women getting over a breakup. I wanted women to feel supported and to help them to understand what was happening and what they were feeling; not just in the early days but much further down the line.

As a coach, I know first-hand that when we can understand our experiences, it helps us to manage the fear we are feeling. We can feel normal rather than thinking that there might be something wrong with us.

Pain cannot be avoided, and we must go through it, in order to come out at the other side. This book shows women how to do that. When I became suddenly single 14 years ago, I had no idea that the way I was feeling was normal. It is the book I would have wanted to read to help me feel like I wasn’t alone.

But my book is not just for the “suddenly” single. Whether your breakup has happened recently or if you are much further down the road and looking for a new special someone, Suddenly Single provides useful advice and strategies to help you reflect on and clarify the type of relationship that you are looking for now.

Suddenly Single is a straightforward guide to help you overcome heartbreak and find your way to a new happily ever after. Ultimately, you are going to discover that the most important relationship that you will ever have in life, is not the one you have with someone else but the one you have with yourself.

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