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An insight into internet dating

A recent article in the Daily Mail will resonate with many people who have experienced internet dating. Fantastically, Stella Grey's story has a happy ending and she has found love just when she was about to give up after two years of disappointment.

Over the two years, 52 year old Stella sent hundreds of messages, had dozens of conversations and went on 56 dates. She feels that a middle-aged woman often has a hard time at online dating, judged insufficiently attractive by men with beer guts and multiple chins. Throughout the process Stella kept a dating diary which forms the basis for her book, The Heartfix.

At INTRO all our clients are met personally by an experienced consultant, we check everyone's identity and we follow up on all dates giving our members confidence that anyone they are introduced to by us really is who they say they are, really looks like their profile photograph and is genuinely available. We support our members through their dating experience - we understand that embarking on the dating scene after a long relationship has ended can be daunting to say the least.

Stella found that starting online dating was like getting into a space rocket and being sent to a whole other planet. She set up dating profiles for 14 different internet sites because she was determined not to fail. Stella found that there were men who didn’t answer her messages at all or who told her she was "too old, too heavy, too used, too entitled and that she should give up because she’d never find anyone." All too easy to say these things by email and text. When she did meet up with one man, his profile picture was so out of date she didn’t recognise him. Stella felt that most of the time she was listed on websites she was anxious, earnest, afraid of being judged not good enough.

At INTRO you are supported the whole way through your membership by our team of consultants - real people. We get to know all our members personally. We develop a great personal profile with you - this details your interests, history, the sort of matches you are looking for and includes photos which we'll be happy to take for you as part of the service. ​ We only give out telephone numbers (never email addresses) once a member has accepted an invitation to meet another INTRO member. As part of the INTRO service, we follow up after every profile selection and if someone chooses to decline the offer of meeting up which of course is their prerogative, we ask for any comments on the profile so that we can provide constructive feedback and advice. We pride ourselves on our customer service. If you would like to find out more please give us a call on 0161 468 2727 and have a chat with our friendly and approachable team, or contact us by email at We look forward to hearing from you. Read Stella Grey's article here:

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