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5 Top Things Women Look for on a Date

Updated: May 16, 2019

Your Face

It actually is less about how gorgeously handsome you are but more about good grooming habits. These really make a difference, good skincare, teeth and well-maintained facial hair. Top this off with a great smile, proper eye contact and a confident posture and you’re halfway there!

Your Clothes

Choose clothes that send out a positive message – portraying your status, your lifestyle and personality. Women are drawn to a masculine profile with a built-up chest, a lean torso, and strong shoulders, and the fit and the fabric really do make a difference and won’t go unnoticed. Last but not least, in fact these really are key – women love men who wear great shoes.

Your Smell

Studies prove that women rate a man’s smell as the number 1 factor when finding a partner. According to a recent study a staggering 75% of our emotions are triggered by what we smell – an alluring scent ignites and heightens the senses, making romantic interaction however brief so much more intense and electric. Wearing an effective deodorant goes without saying but it is worth spending time and money on a cologne that suits you. Go easy though, too much can have the opposite effect!

Your Conversation

Women do care about what you’re going to say – be attentive, keep the conversation two-way (not just talking about yourself), have a sense of humour and show that you are interested in the world, ask them open questions and definitely best to avoid swearing on a first date. Also, women will notice how you communicate with others, like the waiter, holding the door open, etc. Remember your body language too – avoid crossed arms, look engaged and interested and remember that winning smile!

Your Independence

People love their own space, however much a woman loves to be with her man, she also loves to be away from him. Getting into a relationship with someone who doesn’t have a social life can be stifling and is unlikely to be successful. Having a generous attitude to money is attractive - this doesn’t mean you have to have all the money in the world, but it is good to be able to contribute equally.


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