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Do men really pay for a matchmaking service?

Some men say they would never use a professional matchmaking service, why would they pay for such a service? They're successful at work, keep in good shape, they say they know how to attract ladies without having to seek the help of a professional.

Successful professionals are usually busy with little spare time or inclination to spend evenings and weekends going to bars and clubs or trawling through dating apps with little chance of a successful result. Surely it makes more sense to have a real action plan to get the desired result, ie a genuine relationship. If you were looking to recruit a new member of staff to your team or to find a new job, you wouldn't think twice about enlisting the services of a recruitment consultant or headhunter. The recruitment specialist would meet you in person, get to know you and understand what you're looking for, filter through the applicants and undertake initial interviews before introducing the potential candidate to you.

If you're really serious about finding an attractive partner to share your life why wouldn't you invest in yourself and recruit a professional matchmaker? They understand that you might find the idea a little uncomfortable but it's absolutely discrete and confidential, not at all old-fashioned, and you wouldn't have to meet anyone you don't want to. Although you'll probably be surprised by the calibre of people you'll have the opportunity of being introduced to. You'll be shown accurate profiles with up to date photographs, but there's so much more than just reviewing a profile. A professional matchmaker might also encourage you to consider someone different to your usual type, someone who wants you for you and not your kudos or cash.

It can be very different being confident in the meeting room to meeting someone romantically. A professional matchmaker can remove the awkwardness and save you a load of time and discomfort of going on endless random dates.

Clearly there's a price tag for such a results-focused and personal service but you may be surprised at how much you can end up spending on wasted meals and drinks, or dating apps with little or no success, leaving aside your precious time - and really is there any price tag for finding true love?

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