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How to end of first date

A first date can be fun, exciting and full of intrigue. Will it be awkward? Will you have a lot in common? Will the conversation flow? Will you enjoy each other's company? Our advice is try to relax and just be yourself. Don't do all the talking and make sure that you listen to what your date has to say, as well as the fact that they will appreciate you showing an interest in them, you will also learn so much more. It is also important to focus your attention on how to end the first date. You may leave the date really wanting to see this person again, or maybe not, but it's possible that you're sending out the wrong signals.

No matter how the date turns out, it's important to understand how to end a first date the right way, even if it was the best or worst first date that you've ever had in your life.

Be Grateful and Positive

Our first tip to a successful finish to a first date is to always remember to say 'Thank you'. For example, if the other person paid for your drinks or dinner, you should remember to thank him or her at the end of the date. If this person drove a bit of a distance to come and meet you, you should thank him or her. If you enjoyed your time with this person, you should thank them.

This is a simple gesture that can go a long way. And even if you don't ever want to see this person again and don't really care one way or the other about the impression you make, we would always suggest being well-mannered. Showing appreciation is always a good way to end a first date.

Arrange the next date

If you would like to see this person again, another tip when ending a first date is to try and pin down the second date before you leave. While you may be used to being a bit vague, "We should do this again sometime" or "it would be great to meet up again" it can be a great idea to be specific as this can be a helpful indication of your date's feelings for you. If they are keen, excited or looking forward to seeing you again, then you're more likely to leave a first date with concrete plans already intact for your next date. On the other hand, if he or she's unsure and says that they let they'll let me know, this can help prepare you for the fact that a second date isn't likely to happen. Although sometimes they might agree to a second date to avoid any awkwardness, it is usually worthwhile trying to arrange something before you go your separate ways.

Be Kind

Even if you have decided that you don't want to see your date again, it's always best to be kind and thoughtful when ending a first date. Even if you had a terrible time, and were counting down the minutes until the date ended, and would love to tell them exactly how you felt, it's still better to put your best self forward and to be kind and respectful of their feelings. There really isn't much to be gained by putting out that your date didn't look like their profile photographs, or simply is rather dull, it is always best to act with maturity and kindness.

We are not suggesting that you lead someone on and give false hope as it would be unfair. It would be unkind to set up specific time and location for the next date, only to cancel them later.

When it comes to dating, it's important to follow the golden rule and treat others how you'd like to be treated.

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